Creating a community with a long-term future and minimum impact on the environment has been a guiding principle. Long-term sustainability has been factored into everything from promoting energy efficiency to encouraging green transport, sustainable building design and supporting social and cultural diversity.

The combination of these efforts will create one of the most sustainable major developments in the UK.

Water conservation

Ensuring that water use is managed and carefully stewarded is at the heart of our climate resilient design. The buildings have been designed to be ultralow water users by recovering greywater from showers and sinks as well as collecting rainwater to significantly reduce potable water usage.

We have also considered how rainwater can be stored and collected through rain gardens, swales and the central wetlands area. Plant species will be selected to be drought tolerant and where irrigation is required, the idea would be to use rainwater / greywater to reduce the need for portable water.

Energy and carbon management

We are working with Professor John French from the Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership to minimise carbon in development (embodied carbon) and only then to offset residual carbon, making the development net zero carbon at completion.

To do this, we are assessing the anticipated embodied carbon throughout the design, construction and life cycle of the development and will be setting targets that push us to be exceeding best practice market leading standards.

The latest technology and innovation will be used in the design of the buildings – not only does this minimise environmental impact but it also creates a better, healthier environment for everyone who lives and works here.

The heating, cooling and domestic hot water will be provided by air source heat pump technology and renewable energy will also be generated on site through the incorporation of Photovoltaic solar panels located at roof level of each building.


Sustainable in use

We will work closely with all our future occupiers to ensure that all buildings deploy the latest energy and water-saving technologies and operate as efficiently as possible. We will also invest in smart technology which will allow us to collaborate with occupiers to understand, manage and then reduce energy and water use.

"Outstanding" Certification

We are targeting BREEAM "Outstanding" which is the highest global sustainability rating for commercial buildings. BREEAM is the world’s most widely used environmental assessment method. The measure is used to judge the environmental performance of commercial buildings and helps construction professionals understand and lessen the environmental impacts of the buildings they design and build. The assessment scores buildings against a set of criteria giving a rating of pass, good, very good, excellent or outstanding.