We recognise that our places thrive when local people and organisations prosper. To be successful in the long term, Railpen will build enduring relationships with charities, schools, local businesses and community organisations to collaboratively address local priorities.

Cambridge Youth Panel

Railpen has partnered with Cambridge Youth Panel to design its first ever iGlu youth facility as part of the redevelopment plans for the Beehive Centre. Designed by local young people, iGlu will host a variety of youth activities and workshops and will be used by local service providers to support the needs of young people.


“The iGlu is something that we’ve been striving to deliver for young people in Cambridgeshire for some time. It’s a universally popular idea and it has been held back by the COVID-19 pandemic. The support of Railpen, and the opportunity presented through the redevelopment of such a key local area as the Beehive Centre, has presented an amazing opportunity to make this happen. We’re very excited to be working with Railpen – and the commitment that their entire team has shown to supporting young people in Cambridge has breathed new life into the whole concept”.

Phil Priestley
Founder & Lead Adult Facilitator, Cambs Youth Panel


Railpen has partnered with Cam Skate to incorporate skateboarding and roller skating within the heart of the Beehive redevelopment through the integration of skateable features into the built environment. Consultation sessions with local skaters of all ages and abilities mean that architectural features and spaces are designed with the input of the people who will use them, ensuring the plans meet the needs of skaters and pedestrians.

"Railpen understands the benefits of embracing skateboarding as part of the Beehive redevelopment. Skateboarding promotes creativity, perseverance and positive mental health for young people. Skaters bring life to urban environments and make them safer for all users. Cam Skate is excited by Railpen's approach to working with the local skateboarding community and the possibilities it brings for improving skateboarding facilities in Cambridge."


Railpen has established a new long-term partnership with local community charity Abbey People to support some of the most vulnerable and excluded groups in Cambridge, with a particular focus on the Abbey and East Barnwell area of Cambridge. The overall aim of the partnership will be to ensure local residents benefit from the investment coming forward in the area through the proposed rejuvenation of both the Beehive Centre and Cambridge Retail Park. Key activities include providing core funds for the Abbey Food Hub, working with Abbey People to inspire people from underrepresented backgrounds to consider careers in Life Sciences, creating opportunities and reducing barriers to work, and developing a community volunteering programme for Railpen and its partners.

“The support of Railpen shows how the benefits of investment can be shared throughout our communities. We’ve been inspired by Railpen’s openness to explore innovative new ideas, and their interest and enthusiasm to really get to know the community that they are part of in Abbey. We are looking forward to seeing the positive impact that this partnership will have on the lives of local people.”

Nicky Shepard
CEO, Abbey People

Cambridge Science Centre

Railpen and Cambridge Science Centre are working together to create The Makers Lab at the Beehive. The Makers Lab will be an energetic hub of youth engagement and activity throughout the day, providing an exceptional and distinctive STEM educational resource nestled in the heart of a vibrant Beehive community.

“Working in partnership with Railpen, we have a real opportunity to create a new and engaging STEM educational facility at the Beehive Centre where children and young people can get their hands on science, try stuff out and learn about STEM. This space is so desperately needed in Cambridge to spread opportunity and address inequality - and the support of Railpen will help us reach even more children, families, and communities through our hands-on approach to STEM."

John Bull
CEO, Cambridge Science Centre

Make Space for Girls/JKA

Railpen has partnered with Make Space for Girls and Julia King Associates (JKA) to work with local young women and girls to co-design part of the external public space in the Beehive Centre redevelopment.

"We are very excited to be working with Railpen to co-design a space with young women and girls at the Beehive Centre. Traditional approaches to provision for teenagers and young people (fenced pitches and BMX tracks) tend to be dominated by boys and young men. This project isn’t about painting things pink or creating separate spaces for boys and girls. But by working with young women, the Railpen team can co-design a space that is welcoming to young women, nonbinary young people and the boys and young men for whom traditional teen provision doesn’t work."

Imogen Clark
Co-founder, Make Space for Girls

"We are pleased to launch this work on the back of 8 years at the London School of Economics where we have established a record of groundbreaking work with young people. This is an exciting opportunity to further our existing work which centres young people, particularly, young girls into design, planning, and development processes. The hope is to improve the sense of ownership of local public spaces by young girls and women."

Julia King
Founder, JKA

Indie Cambridge

Railpen has partnered with Indie Cambridge to help rejuvinate the Beehive Centre into a vibrant and popular destination for local people that caters for all budgets, provides independent retail to complement existing facilities and contributes to the success of the City.

"The transformation of the Beehive Centre presents one of the most exciting and significant opportunities in the city and we are really pleased to be able to showcase the many talented independent businesses from across Cambridge."

Anne Beamish
Founder, Indie Cambridge

Form the Future

Railpen has partnered with Form the Future to establish innovative new connections between the local young people of Cambridge and the future tenants of the Beehive Centre. This progressive partnership will establish diverse and inclusive programmes for young people to engage with a wide range of businesses, expose them to an array of careers, and develop their social and science capital.

The employer engagement projects, work placements, summer programmes and internships will give young people from all backgrounds valuable and inspirational experiences to work inside exciting new companies, and provide those young people with the opportunities to start building the critical soft skills required for a successful career.

The businesses at the new Beehive Centre will have access to new talent to build their employer brand locally, and the programmes will contribute to their corporate social responsibilities and social impact commitments. The partnership will develop work readiness initiatives and build the pathways into employment and apprenticeships across a range of sectors.

Anne Bailey, co-founder and Chief Executive of Form the Future describes this new partnership as “a unique opportunity to develop new ways of connecting young people, schools and businesses together in an inspirational environment that benefits all stakeholders. Railpen and Form the Future share a common purpose to create a diverse and inclusive programme of meaningful work opportunities to inspire the next generation, and to build a vibrant business community of employers that actively contributes to the development of young people and the growth potential of Cambridge”

Anne Bailey
co-founder and Chief Executive, Form the Future


Railpen have created focus groups with Red2Green to look closely at site plans and provide ideas on how to make the site more accessible for neurodiverse people. Red2Green are a Cambridgeshire charity and day opportunities provider for young adults and adults with learning disabilities and autism. They offer person-centred care to support their clients with life, education, and employment skills, as well as enabling positive mental health. Red2Green also have an Autism in the Workplace service which helps employers promote neurodiversity inclusion through training and long-term employee support.

“It is a great honour to work with Railpen to develop their site at the planning stage and to see that they are considering how to make their site as accessible as possible for everyone. We have been working with people with learning disabilities and autism for over 25 years and to see our autistic learners from our Aspirations service be able to have their say on a development of this size is empowering. Some discussions from the first focus group included adding a sensory garden in a quiet area of the site, making sure there are accessible public toilets, and how to support the neurodiverse workforce on site in the future.”

Liz Taylor
CEO of Red2Green