The site today

The site today is home to a significant retail park, but despite several phases of development it is underused and has the potential to create many more jobs and bring valued amenities to the local area.

An opportunity area

Over 50% of the site area is currently car parking, and the majority of people access the site via car. In terms of access routes for vehicles, there is currently a single point of access at the roundabout from Coldham’s Lane.

The site acts as a barrier to connectivity and lacks a full range of amenities which prevent it being the social and economic hub it could be.

The site has been identified as an Opportunity Area within Cambridge City Council's draft Local Plan, with the potential to fix existing problems and bring new amenities and benefits to the local area as part of any redevelopment.

Issues and opportunities



  • The Beehive Centre is mainly accessed by cars and this has led to congestion issues locally
  • The site is not pedestrian friendly
  • There is a lack of accessible green spaces for the residents of both Petersfield and Abbey
  • The area has limited facilities or spaces for young people
  • There is a lack of social meeting spaces and no community facilities on the site


  • New amenities to add to the variety of shops, services and amenities available to the local community
  • New high-quality workplaces surrounded by large areas of open space accessible to the local community
  • New streets with direct links to surrounding residential areas
  • New open community space benefitting local residents
  • Better access and cycle infrastructure
  • A range of jobs for the local community
  • A new social hub with an evening and weekend economy
  • Involve local groups and people in the development of our plans